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using the latest technology solutions to achieve growth and reach broader businesses goals and objectives.

  • Laravel

    This framework has familiar and intuitive Query Builder, migrations and ORM; great amount of packages in Laravel Composer; plenty of OOP patterns (like Dependency Injection, Repository, Factory, Service Provider, Active Record, Singleton etc.); variety of "helper" PHP functions and surely Don’t-Repeat-Yourself (DRY) principle.

  • Django

    The only framework that has the ability to generate admin panels on the fly depending on the database schema and table relations. All the range of modern features built in Python Django Framework (Models, QuerySets, various Services, Migrations, ORM etc) make it the most powerful framework as of today and helps to write a clear, reliable and readable code.

  • Node.js

    This environment increases development speed and productivity of your team. Its high-scalability lets you spend less time on infrastructure, since you can handle the same amount of load with less hardware.

  • PHP

    Enables fast implementation of complex solutions. Being mainly focused on server-side scripting PHP can be used on all major operating systems (Linux, Unix variants, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and etc.), supports the most of the web servers. PHP works either as a module, or as a CGI processor.

  • Python

    A general-purpose substrate for many kinds of software development, that offers strong support for integrating with other technologies, higher programmer productivity throughout the development life cycle, and is particularly well suited for large or complex projects with changing requirements. Its simplicity, clear syntax, multiple well structured modules and packages, and its enormous flexibility is what sets it apart from other programming languages.

  • Javascript

    Uses range from on screen visual effects to processing and calculating data on web pages with ease as well as extended functionality to websites using third party scripts among several other handy features. Being client-side, JavaScript is very fast and also the demand on the website server.

  • MySQL

    One of the most popular relational database management systems in the world due to its scalability, flexibility, high performance and availability, strong data protection and management ease which allows to drive digital transformation initiatives delivering modern Web, mobile and Cloud-based applications.

  • PostgreSQL

    Differs itself with its support for highly required and integral object-oriented and/or relational database functionality. It is highly programmable, and therefore extendible, with custom "stored procedures", which can be created to simplify the execution of repeated, complex and often required DB operations.

  • MongoDB

    This document-based data model has the basic unit of storage analogous to JSON, Python dictionaries, Ruby hashes, etc. Its rich data structure is capable of holding arrays and other documents, which support dynamic queries on documents using a document-based query language that's nearly as powerful as SQL. Since MongoDB is schema-free, your code defines your schema.

... alongside frontend.

paying attention to responsive web design, SEO optimization, style and behavior.

  • Angular 2

    This open source JavaScript framework to build web applications in HTML and JavaScript. Its code conciseness makes an application with a heavy load run fully UI responsive. Besides that it uses server side rendering for fast views on mobile, works well with ECMAScript and other languages that compile to JavaScript and uses dependency injection to maintain applications without writing too long code – all this allows to meet your product expectations in a component based approach.

  • Vue.js

    One of the most rapidly growing JS frameworks in 2016 with very detailed and easy to follow documentation covering multiple use cases and all the various options, where applicable, for each of it’s built in methods. Unlike other monolithic frameworks, Vue is designed from the ground up to be incrementally adoptable. The core library is focused on the view layer only, and is very easy to pick up and integrate with other libraries or existing projects. Vue is also perfectly capable of powering sophisticated Single-Page Applications when used in combination with modern tooling and supporting libraries.

  • React.js / Redux

    One of the unique features of React is not only it can perform on the client side, but it can also be rendered on the server side, and they can work together interoperably. React creates its own virtual DOM where the components actually live. This approach gives an enormous flexibility and amazing gain in performance. React also calculates what are the changes needed to be made in DOM. This process of React avoids expensive DOM operations and makes updates in a very cient manner.

And tend to use cutting-edge tools to reach the high-level performance


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