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BIM Dictionary


The project intended to initiate a reliable platform for attaining a common understanding of the terms and definitions frequently used in the Built Environment, with vetted descriptions and localizations connecting hundreds of notions. Conventionally, React enables BIM Dictionary's frontend. There are 4 user roles implemented within the platform (User, Editor, Reviewer, and Admin) - each with its unique dashboard. Each of the dashboard versions is executed via React, as well. Besides that, Admins got full control over the platform's entities like Terms, Users, Set of Terms, Teams of Users, Term Labels, etc.

Python + Django, Postgresql, React, AWS (EC2, S3, CloudFront, RDS, Lambda)

Pibble team had several ideas that needed to be unified in a single blockchain social media service enabling content exchange, e-commerce, and fundraising via popular cryptocurrencies, including the client's own Pibble (PIB). Among the main features implemented into the product, this would be a multifunctional image editor along with a handy & secure e-wallet.

The project was executed using React Native + Redux, with React Navigation “behind the steering wheel” and image-editing fulfilled via a GL-react based library, so to be able to create and work with WebGL shaders.

Sketch And Calc originated as an ultra-convenient irregular area calculator, allowing to measure the area(sq) of any object, shape or territory uploaded from a source image or Google maps data. The app’s functionality includes various drawing (SVG) and assistive tools, along with indispensable features like geo snapping and drawing on Google Maps.

The project is mostly completed via ReactJS, with Redux\Thunk responsible for storing application conditions, whereas SCSS and Bootstrap v4 - for the styles. D3 library performs math and calculations, while JWT enables authorization. Backend utilizes NodeJS + Express, with ORM Bookshelf.js operating the database and Knex package taking care of migrations.

UrbanYou were looking for a multifunctional yet lightweight website to provide a smooth user experience for their revolutionary home cleaning and gardening service. In this case, Laravel performed the work of an API service while WordPress interacted with the API in its turn. The project was complex, as it included various tasks like backend refactoring, integration of 3rd party services such as Amazon AWS / Amazon E2 / Twillio / Mandrill / Zendesk, and creating seeds for DB to automate admin tasks.

Laravel, ReactJS, Amazon AWS, Amazon E2, Twillio API, Mandrill API, Zendesk API, Datatables.

Triggr, a revolutionary prospecting engine offering clients relevant information on companies, employees, vacancies, and statistics - needed a platform capable of unifying all of its operating data in one place while keeping it simple and easily accessible. Here, the backend stack consists of several NodeJS apps working on separate inter-cooperating EC2 instances. The server (acting as HTTP REST API) operates on the Loopback v3 framework, and PostgreSQL acts as the database. Additional servers performing background tasks such as cron, jobs, re-indexation, etc. were launched to maintain the performance of the main instances. ElasticSearch and Redis-based Queue architecture ensure the app's overall productivity, while Stripe secures payment processing. On the frontend side, VueJS framework provides the interface, with the Vuex library operating on the storage of the launched app.

NodeJs v9,v10; ElasticSearch v6.4, PostgreSQL V10, Loopback V3, Redis, AWS, Vue.js and a lot of additional libraries such as bee-queue, node-cron, elasticsearch.js, etc.

Paydby is a cross-platform mobile app allowing users to fulfill joint projects by creating common goals, monitoring the progress and making cash deposits. The frontend of the app was developed via React Native, with React Native Router Flux employed for navigation and Native Base library - for ready cross-platform UI components. Firebase Cloud Messaging provides chats and notifications, while Redux and Redux Persist manage the application conditions. Laravel was used as a backend framework, with backend itself developed as RESTful API. PinPayments acts as the payment system with Omnipay in the role of payment processing library.

React Native v0.57.7, Native Base v2.8.1, Redux, Redux Persist, Redux Form, React Native Router Flux, Firebase, Axios, Moment, Laravel, Amazon SNS, Amazon ElasticBeanstalk, Amazon RDS, OmniPayments.

Buildnrate needed a reliable real estate and rent spot aggregator, allowing to find available buildings and apartments that precisely fit in with the user’s needs. In this project, a powerful search engine with versatile filters (by price, address, space specifications, etc.) was implemented, allowing to comb through the hundreds of thousand locations that are being constantly updated. Other features include outstanding admin control, comments section with the possibility to share visual content, and versatile are stats along with "nearest point" distance estimations. Parsing-based data collection relies on third-party API’s.

Laravel, MySQL, ElasticSearch, jQuery, AJAX, AWS

Leicht needed a fresh-looking website for its reputed design studio specializing in kitchen interior and accessories. The company’s website is virtually an interactive online gallery featuring Leicht’s best design solutions and work examples.

React JS, Node.js, Responsive design, SASS, GSAP (for animations), Contentful API.

Simpleray is a renewable energy installation company that specializes in photovoltaic solar panels and solar energy services. The company was looking for a rather simple website supporting the much greater cause which the team is involved in.

MEAN stack ( MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js )

PaperJet is a capable, modern online documentation service. It allows to conveniently share and fill forms online, e-sign documents, and exchange papers in a blink of an eye. Several types of users were implemented in the project with a control system for each role. In addition, the administrator's control dashboard was implemented to control the processes executed in the system.

Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, Redis, Socket.io, Stripe, Next JS, Redux

Outvisory is a professional networking platform that connects users with curated high-caliber industry professionals and influencers. On backend Laravel 5.4. is used Redis is used as storage. For the implementation of Search functionality, we utilized Elasticsearch. Stripe is used for payment handling. OpenTok https://tokbox.com/ was utilized as WebRTC platform. This service allows adding live video, voice, and messaging to websites. Prerender(https://prerender.io) - is used for server-side rendering of SPA pages. Its usage is necessary for correct indexing of site pages by search services. VueJs V2.2 is utilized as a Frontend SPA Framework. For implementation of frontend work the following modules are used: vuex,vform,lodash,bootstrap,axios,pusher-js,moment and etc.

Laravel 5.4, VueJs, Vuex, Mysql, Elasticsearch, Stripe, OpenTok, Prerender, Bootstrap 4, Pusher

The main idea of the project is to provide an option for clients to choose land for building their own houses. A client has an option to choose a builder from a catalog by different parameters. Builders can add indicative views of houses for future buildings on selected land and add documentation in PDF for all lots. The site was built on the basis of SPA tech. The user’s authorization works via OAth2. Project assembling is utilized by webpack/scss.

Laravel 5.6, SaaS, ReactJS, Redux/Saga, SPA, SCSS, Bootstrap 4, ORM, php 7, Google maps

Equisport Photo is a service providing photographers with the ability to sell their photos from equestrian sport competitions, and users - with the ability to purchase photos they liked. In order to get all information on events, external opensource APIs are used. Stripe is used as a payment system. Backend is built on Laravel. Redis is used as storage. Elasticsearch is used for searching according to filters. ReactJs + Redux is used as a frontend SPA framework. To support server-side rendering, Next.js is used.

Laravel 5.8, Redis, Elasticsearh, Next.js, ReactJs, Redux, Stripe, External Api, HTML5/CSS3, responsive design

Zenfit is an all-in-one platform for online coaching, offering its members connections to online yoga and fitness instructors, dance teachers, wellness and life coaches, nutritionists, and beauticians. On the backend side, the app was built using Laravel 8 + Laravel Orchid for admin panels, with MySQL database. The site has chat functionality, which uses OpenTok and Pusher to build powerful real-time interactive chat. Stripe is used for payment processing. On the frontend side, VueJS framework provides the interface, with the Vuex library operating with the storage of the launched app.

Laravel, MySQL, AWS (EC2, S3, RDS), JQuery, WebSockets, Vue.js and a lot of additional libraries such as Chart.js, etc.

Inspectagram is a platform, the main goal of which is to make an inspection process of a construction site easier. Using this platform, an inspector fills in the necessary fields and criteria, which the inspection client is interested in, data is saved in the database and the client gets a complex report on the object based on it. He can either check this report online by the generated link or download it in pdf format. An inspection can be conducted by several inspectors simultaneously, data is being updated in real-time mode, push notifications are also available. Inspectors can share their work and drafts, there’s also the ability to create a team of inspectors. In case of a bad connection, the mobile app supports offline mode. Photos and videos received in the course of inspections are saved on AWS S3. The platform administrator has access to the list of global elements needed for the inspection and to the inspections themselves through the admin dashboard.

The platform is divided into 4 logical parts: 1) Backend - NodeJS + Express, MongoDB + Mongoose, Passport, Socket.io, Firebase, AWS SDK 2) Mobile application - ReactNative, ReduxOffline, Redux/Thunk, ReduxPersist, StyledComponents, ReactNativeFirebase 3) Admin dashboard(web) - NextJS, Redux/Thunk, StyledComponents 4) Client report(web) - ReactJS, Axios. The application is hosted on AWS, the database is in MongoDB Cloud.




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We are a team of like-minded people who love and are inspired by technologies. Every day, each of us is growing and helping our clients turn ideas into reality.

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Full-stack PHP developer

Location: Remote
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Javascript
  • Vue.js
  • React
  • MySQL
We’re looking for a talented, experienced Middle(+) Full Stack PHP developer who will join our team and help us drive towards new success stories and achievements, together!
Our Requirements:
  • Experience with PHP ≥3 years
  • Laravel or another MVC framework (Symfony, CI, etc)
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • Javascript
  • Experience with React, Vue, Angular (at least one from the list)
  • HTML / CSS / Flex
  • Git
  • Conversational English (B1 - B2)
Will be an advantage:
  • NoSQL (MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch, Memcached)
  • AWS / Heroku / DO experience
  • Docker
  • Unit test / PHPUnit, Codeception


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